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an anthill is a symbol of anxiety but violence is the supersymbol of powerlessness. this was said to me by my grandfather, and his farther. he did not go very far, just to the bedroom and then he died. but i lived, no? and the ants, who can forget them? my anxiety can’t, making me rant but breaking the cycle is a wonderful thing. go to the beach instead of going insane, when drunk stay off the opposite lane. never leave the house but observe people leaving the planet through a tv screen. imitate various objects in the state of decay, start the right way off your day. several balloons escaped to the stratosphere today, i said that already. were you not at the meeting? of course, you were asleep and you sow what you reap. watch your step, watch your head, bullet holes are full of lead. this warrants further investigation, but the authority we possess comes from no earthly authority. consult the paralyzed palm reader, she is wise and in a coma and still she speaks the truth. i hope scorcese will escape with minor injuries.

On January 29th, Twitter user @warlick [2] posted a mock Arby’s promotional ad using copy from a Nihilist Arby’s tweet (shown below).

Clear Spot International BV
Hermelijnkoog 21
1822CA Alkmaar
The Netherlands

T. + 31 (0)72 567 9990
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W. -

Various - Nihilist AssaultcoreVarious - Nihilist AssaultcoreVarious - Nihilist AssaultcoreVarious - Nihilist Assaultcore