Monoraum - toyroom ep - Monoraum - Toyroom EP

OMG! "most aduslts spend over half theeir day on their phone or on any device they have, so you're afraid for your kids, what about you!?" ha ha ha i saw that comming, made me the day :V

There have been various action figures of the Master. In 2010 Character Options released the decayed Master from The Deadly Assassin and in the late 1990's Dapol released the original master as Roger Delgado. Here shown is John Simm dressed as Prof. Yana. He would also be released as the suited Master from the series 3 finale and Tennant's finale in 2010.

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Other than a little black wash to bring out some of the sculpted detail, I haven’t applied any paint to these kits yet. ¬†What you see is the color of the plastic the parts were cast in — green, white and blue for the Wave kit, and red for the Imai — and clearly, both will require substantial painting. ¬†There are white parts of the Wave kit that need to be painted green, and green parts that need to be painted white, so it matters little what colors the parts were cast in; everything’s gonna need paint anyway.

Monoraum - Toyroom EPMonoraum - Toyroom EPMonoraum - Toyroom EPMonoraum - Toyroom EP